My choker collection💕😍😍

Hello I'm back!✨

I haven't posted for long time, I'm sorry guys.😢

I love chokers so i bought some.😀😊✨😻
They are really pretty and cheap from internet shopping.

My favorites are clothes chokers cuz it's comfortable to wear.
 My first was a pink leather with heart. I love it so trendy and cute.
But my favorites now the whites really vintage and romantic style.

I'll show you guys them:

 Love silver glitter, and the 3. is holographic effect, barly can see on photo.😢
This black lace 2.on the row is very sexy just a little too long haha.
The glittery pink purple one of my favorite, looks so stunning on neck.😍

 They were in set, totally worth it.Elastic and good for everyday wear.

This is the cutest girliest i think.✨😻so so pretty.

And finally the last photo. Unfortunatelly the laces are too big on my thin neck.😄
I think i have more somewhere else in the house.😅
I want more wilde velvet choker xD

I wanna show many things, maybe next time i write about my fake lashes.😺


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