Nyári kedvenc smink cuccok/Summer favorites

 Hi! :)

I didn't posted for months ago. I am glad that lots of people are following me. :)
I would like to thank you and I'm writing something about my summer favorite make up porducts

Like hot days in summer I use only few makeup on me. Just point out(underline) my eyes.

I use some make up base a light cream brand: Oriflame Giordani Gold make up base.
I like this because the light texture.With Orchid Extract work its softening, smoothing magic, giving your complexion a luminous flawlessness.
I didn't like wearing foundation in hot days. I have oily skin and I use just BB cream or just powder sometimes. I don't like bb creams because they are too heavy or oily for my skin.

I use eyeliner pencil black giordani gold is my favorite I have a lot of eyepencil but it is the best I can use this easily.
Sometimes I use color pencils.Like green is my fav color and blue. Watrproof eyepencil Boursjois Métalise(55 vert pepite) is a teal green color perfect for summer. Long lasting so I love it.
 I use waterproof mascara the One bye Oriflame. It's simple but long lasting natural looking eyes. It makes fatter and longer lashes.
The black pencil for nights I use this for underline my brown eyes. Essence I love rock gloss eyepencil this is very dark and glossy but not waterproof and can go out of curl..

 I like bronzing powder for sun tanned skin. I have some but I use now the oriflame very me peach me perfect powder. It's peachy scent and sparkling bronze color.

My absolute favorite is the oriflame power shine lip crayon (nude) golden gloss shade. Very smooth and shiny. Great for every make-up.

I love red nailpolishes. One of my fav is Maybelline colorama light natural red color without sparks.
Cuticule oil for dry nails with vanille fragranced (diamond nails brand) cuticule oil good for manicure.
So that's all. Bye-Bye
Giordani gold make- up base


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