Autumn favorites

Hi girls! :)

Today I share my october and november favorites.

First of all I bought a beautiful black dress with some lace.It's so elastic and sexy.Sorry my head is out because my hair was creepy.:D

The next is a Sleek palette the Vintage Romance .

It is a good holiday palette maybe for Xmas.I used it just sometimes my favorite shade is Lust in LA it's a greenish bronz or I can't describe with satin finish.Perfect for everyday.
Silver and gold also nice Pretty in Paris and Meet in Madrid good choice for everyone.
Court in Cannes is a beutiful bronze shade.These upper shades are nice, but Romance in Rome and Propose in Pragau not my taste.They are matte colors.

The lower side is mostly mauve.the first tree shade are pinkish mauve.Marry in Monte Carlo is beautiful.
I think the other two is not fit with my eyecolor my boyfried sad they're oldish colors.He dosen't like matte shades...I don't know why..:D
The most interesting is Bliss in Barcelona purple blue shade.It's a little bit chalky..:/ what a pity!I expected more pigmentation.
Love in London is georgeous , smokey black with silver glitters.So nice!I love it.:)
The quality is different, but good.

5/4 score.
It's not a must have piece but I recommend for autumn and special occasions.

I tried to make a good swatch but the lights were not the best..:S

I hope you liked it.

Next I will write about Urban Decay Basics palette. Soon...:)



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