Oriflame pure colour nail polish

I like these pure c. nail polishes becaue they are long lasting and like the shades.

I own just 6 shade of it.: the baby pink(cotton candy pink), Taupe, Intense pink, Lavend, Purple, Berry Intense,

Berry Intense,Pink intense, Taupe, Lavend sh.Baby pink

I have two favorites the first one is the baby pink.It's a light pale silver shimmering shade.Very cute.:)

The second fav is Taupe it's a greyish brownish color more grey with a tiny tiny shimmers.Good for every day.

Intense pink is really matte pink I love it, good for summer.

Lavend shimmer is a light pastel color.I like it but not my fav.not suit to my skin tone.

The newest is Berry It's a dark deep drone.burgundy.Like vampire blood. hehe

The least pigmented the purple one. I don't take a picture sorry.

So they have good quality about 1 week or more they stay on my nails. :)
 8ml a bottle


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