My favorite Parfumes


I love parfumes...

Here are my favorites: 1. Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci (for autumn, spring or winter)
                                     2. Paris Hilton Can Can (evenings, or colder weather)
                                     3. Britney Spears Belive (everytime)
                                     4. Rose Land love (just for summer)
                                     5. Britney Spears Midnight fantasy (summer nights)
                                     6. Paris H. Heiress (for summer)

Firstly I just writining a review about my 3 favorites

1.Nina Ricci Ricci is very feminine. It's amazing how intensive and playfull and energetic and so on... I love it! :)
Very very long lasting.It lasted about 8 h or more..
It's not a light parfume.I recommend Just for women not little girls.Becasue it's very sexy or provoking  ;-)
base: santal, patchouli
heart: rose, tuberose
head: fruit tones, rhubarb, bergamot.
The packeging,the bottle is very cute pink with a stripe or bow.

2. Paris Hilton Can Can is also feminine and sweet.Yummy.
 But it's not so provokative than the Nina. It's a warm cotton candy or caramell burnt sugar fragrance.I can't descirbe it. It's good for evening or daytime.
I like it or love it I don't know. :) The bottle is not special just ok.

3. Britney Spears Belive

I bought it bye blind but I don't mind. First citrusy and sweet(maybe praline) after it rechange a deeper smoky, elegant fragrance.I thought it will be sweeter. It's really fruity bubblegum green parfume.Or I don't know with a slight of smokey effect. :D It's not for teenagers I think it's for  Caracteristic woman.28 year above.Im 28 years old and my horoscope the same as Britney. (sagittarius) But I am not a fan just like her.
My boyfriend like this parfume on me !:)
 I feel the guava it's little bit like a bubble gum. I like this parfume It has lots of faces every time changing on me.
The bottle is nice.

Sorry for my english I am not the best grammatically. 

I will continue my review. I hope you liked it. :-)

ByeBye Orsyna



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